About Us

We are The Period Project Merseyside. We pride ourselves on the following values:


Inclusivity: our projects are for women and people who have periods. We abide by a definition of women that’s inclusive of Trans, non-binary and gender fluid people. We recognise that men can also have periods.

Equality: we believe everyone has the right to a dignified period therefore will give our menstrual product packs to anyone who needs them – just ask! 

Positivity: we have created safe spaces for women to come together to network, socialise and celebrate all the amazing things we do in spite of our struggles. We value our self-worth and wellbeing very highly. 

Education: through research we aim to counter stigma surrounding menstruation and the patriarchal attitudes that create them. We also want to raise awareness for the experiences of our sisters from around the globe, often where period shame is more severe. 

Change: we want to become more politically active to strive towards a society without period poverty. Therefore, one that values women’s health and other vital services at a governmental level. 

Our People

Our Chair - Natalie Denny

Our Secretary - Beth Meadows

Our Finance Officer - Amanda Atkinson

Social Media Officer - Rosalynd Southern

Committee Member - Laura Cooper

Committee Member - Lorna Turnbull


Our Goals

Strand one

A practical goal.

We collect menstrual items, organise packing events to collate those donations, and then distribute them to those in need.

Strand two

A campaigning and academic / educational goal. 

We circulate knowledge on period poverty and stigma, raise awareness and network with groups and individuals with similar goals. 

Strand three

A goal of empowering women. 

This includes making the connection between misogyny and period poverty / stigma. We organise Wonderful Women events and support local International Women's Day, Reclaim the Night and Gay and Trans Pride events.